Who can See if I’m Online on Whatsapp?

Online status is a feature of WhatsApp which has no settings option. So you can’t hide it, you can’t optimize it for your contacts, everyone or an individual. If you are curious that who can see you while you are online on WhatsApp Messenger, you will find your answer here. You can also ask us if you have any questions regarding to this issue. You can comment this page for any questions.

Who can See if I’m Online on Whatsapp?

Firstly, if someone wants to see you online he/she needs to do following actions on WhatsApp:

     Chat Now   

  • Opening a chat of you and he will need to wait until you are active on the application.
  • He will need to be in your contact list.

You can also see our question to one of our users about the contact list issue: Can People See Me Online on WhatsApp if They are not in Contacts?

So only your contacts can see you on WhatsApp and they need to open the chat of you and wait until you are active.

There are also third-party applications which are showing online status of people. However they are not official plugins and not supported by Google Play at all.

If you cannot see a friend online on WhatsApp, we recommend you to check our following guide for this issue: WhatsApp Does not Show Online Status

Who can’t See Your Online Status on WhatsApp

These people won’t see your online status on WhatsApp:

  • If you blocked a contact on WhatsApp, he/she won’t see your online status at all. Your contact won’t already see many things about you.
  • If you delete a contact from WhatsApp, he/she won’t see when you are online too. However since you have removed him/her, your contact will easily understand that because they won’t see you are online while you are messaging them.

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