Where does Copied Messages go in WhatsApp?

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The exact question of the user is:

Hello How to Chat Online Team,

My girlfriend told me he saw all messages that I copied for WhatsApp… How can she do this and where does these messages go on WhatsApp messenger. How can I clean those messages. Can you help me about this please?

Of course we do our best to help you… You can find detailed information and also answer of your questions below. We hope that this will be also useful for those who has similar questions. However please don’t forget to tell your OS when you had a question. That will help us and you…

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Where does Copied Messages go in WhatsApp?


Your all copied messages are copied at the clipboard on Android devices on WhatsApp. You can do the following to find those messages:

  • Launch WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device.
  • Open a chat. (It doesn’t matter which chat it is.)
  • Tap and hold on the text field.
  • Tap Clipboard.
  • It is the location of copied messages in WhatsApp.

Scroll down for iPhone.


Unlike Android devices, you can’t see the copied messages on a clipboard Panel on WhatsApp iPhone/iOS. You  can check our recent pages if you would like to delete those messages: Remove Clipboard Messages in WhatsApp

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