WhatsApp Videos Not Working on Android

If you are getting “Can’t Play Video” error in your Android device or if you are facing the similar problem and your videos not working, you will find some solutions on this page. You can ask questions through our community or you can comment this page and let us know if you know any good solution for the problem.

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WhatsApp Videos Not Working! How to Fix It?

People have faced with this error for some reasons recently and solutions were almost same. However we are going to provide every possible solutions for you on here.

Remove Updates of Google Plus

We don’t know the actual reasons but recent updates of Google Plus has some conflict with WhatsApp messenger and some users started to get errors while they playing their videos on the messenger. You will need to remove recent updates for that. If you don’t know how you will do that follow the steps below:

1-) Tap settings on your device.

2-) Then tap on “Apps”. (It can also be “Application Manager” at some devices.)

3-) Tap on Google Plus application.

4-) Tap on “Uninstall Updates” button.

5-) Restart your phone and run WhatsApp again.

This solution worked for almost everyone but if you are still getting this problem, please continue to read our solutions below.

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Remove Google Plus

If the steps didn’t work for you below (you cannot see uninstall updates button at applications at times) you will need to remove Google Plus. You can still use the Google Plus at your browsers. To removing the Google Plus you need to do following:

1-) Tap on Settings.

2-) Tap on Apps or Application Manager.

3-) Tap on Google Plus

4-) Tap “Uninstall” button.

5-) Restart your Android device and run WhatsApp.

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Reinstalling WhatsApp

As we have told you all application problems and errors, reinstalling always saves life and time. You can try reinstall to application if all steps didn’t work for you above. If there is any corrupted files, that will fix it for you. Please click here to learn how to reinstall WhatsApp.

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