How to Fix “WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable, Please Try Again” Error

If you are getting “WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable, please try again.” error on your device, it means you have a problem with your internet connection on your device. This generally occurs on mobile network services. You can fix this problem manually or with call to mobile networking service provider. There can also be other issues related with this error. We will also mention about those solutions on this page.

You will find solutions for Android and iOS devices below. If you are using another operating system, you can let us know about the situation. We provided this content due to a question of our visitor. You can see the visitor’s question below.


While tap to open whatsapp.  It shows that temporarily unavailable. Please resolve the problem.

Operating System: Android
Application Name: Whatsapp
Device Brand: Samsung z2
Tags: WhatsApp not Working

 How to Fix “WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable, Please Try Again” Error

You can learn how to fix this problem for Android and iOS devices below. We will start with Android operating system, please swipe down for iOS.


You need to do following to fix WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable problem on Android devices:

1- Tap Apps on your device.

Tap on Apps

2- Tap Settings.

Tap Settings

3- Select connections on settings menu.

Select Connections on Settings Menu

4- Select Mobile Networks on the page.

Select Mobile Networks

5- Tap on Access Point Names

Tap on Access Point Names

6- Ensure that you have picked correct Access Point Name for your mobile network connection.

Ensure that you have picked correct access point name

7- Also ensure that you haven’t enabled data roaming.

8- Change your access point name with the correct one if you have picked a wrong access point name.

This is how you can fix WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable, Please Try Again error on Android device. If this doesn’t help you, you can check all steps following. Please check if WhatsApp working after all those single steps. If one of those steps don’t work for you, you will need to skip the next step.

WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable

Fix WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable Error on Android

  1. Backup your WhatsApp conversations.
  2. Enable Airplane mode on your Android device, then disable it.
  3. Tap Settings > Tap Apps > Tap WhatsApp > Tap Force Stop > Then tap Storage > Tap Clear Cache > Tap Clear Data
  4. Settings > Connections > Data Usage > Enable Mobile data
  5. Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Mobile data > Allow background data usage
  6. Update WhatsApp on Play Store.
  7. Reinstall WhatsApp Messenger on your phone.
  8. Call your mobile network service provide and ask if your APN settings are correct.

iOS (iPhone – iPad)

You will need to do the following to fix WhatsApp is temporarily unavailable error on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Backup your Whatsapp conversations on your iPhone device.
  2. Toggle Wifi connection off and on.
  3. Enable airplane mode on your iOS device and then enable it.
  4. Ensure that cellular connection is enabled.
  5. Go Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings > Reset Network Settings
  6. Ensure that you are using correct service provide on cellular connection settings.
  7. Ensure that roaming is not working on your device.

This is how you can fix this problem. If you couldn’t manage to fix this problem, you will need to connect to WhatsApp devs about this issue.

Announcement for 29th (30th) November 2018

The application has a glitch after the new update which took place in 29th November (30th at some locations). All solutions above is for those who are having this problem at normal times. WhatsApp is down at the moment. We recommend you to wait until they fix the problems with servers.  If you want to give a try for those solutions above, you can… However there are user reports that nothing works to fix this problem at the moment. If you have any questions regarding WhatsApp is Temporarily Unavailable, Please Try Again error, please ask us.

While you are waiting, you can send a support mail to WhatsApp: [email protected] or a leave a review on Play Store or App Store.

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