Many people are using WhatsApp messenger for sending pictures, files, messages and video their friends. Somehow some phones have lagging problem on the Whatsapp while sending and receiving messages. If you are having the same problem on your phone we recommend you to check the steps below. We also recommend you to pay attention to texts which has been written with bold text. These are problems which can be problem for users very often. You may have one of these problems at your iPhone or Android device.

How to Fix Lagging Problem of WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

1-) Firstly we recommend you to reinstall WhatsApp to your iPhone or Android device. If you don’t know how to reinstall WhatsApp, please click here to get more information about that.

2 -) Tap on Settings and then Data Usage on Android. Please ensure that you haven’t enabled “Restrict background data” there on Android.

Tap on Setting and then WhatsApp on iPhone. Make sure that you have allowed WhatsApp to work at background. Also Tap on Settings and then General. You will see an option as “Background App Refresh” there. Please enable this service for WhatsApp.

3-) Please ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is working when your device at sleep mode. Some devices can shut the connection on sleep mode.

4-) If you are using low power mode on iPhone very often, please disable it. Do the same for your Android device.

You can also do these settings on Android. Go to Settings > Power > Economy Mode and then ensure that “Disable Background Data” is not marked. Also do not use power savings like “system power saving” or “special power saving” on your device. These savings are generally disable your internet connection when you are away from the phone.

6-) Please do not use applications which are cleaning memory and killing tasks on your device. These applications generally known as “Cleaner” or “Task Killer”. These apps claim that they are making your devices faster and that’s right but they also make stop working your needed applications at background.

7-) If people are sharing too much files on the WhatsApp, that can be a reason of a lag on the messenger. We recommend you to pick Wi-Fi for downloading files. Read for more info: How to Download WhatsApp Media Files with Wi-Fi Only

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Q&A – WhatsApp is Lagging while Sending and Receiving Messages

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WhatsApp Lag Problem on HTC One


I am using WhatsApp on my HTC One for a year and I never had a such problem on my device. Now I had lag problem. I am getting messages too late. It happened after I changed a setting which I cannot recall at the moment! Need help!


Welcome to How to Chat Online and thank you for contacting How to Chat Online Q&A service. Lag problem is the common issue for all HTC devices since it has some special settings on the phone.

Please disable this option on your HTC device: Settings > Power > Quick Root/Start

Somehow this setting has a negative influence on  performance of your device, connection and WhatsApp.

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