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WhatsApp is one of the most common smartphone messengers and there are many people who are using this app whole around the world. You can use this application at many Android devices. However there are some devices that it is uncertain to run these application. Acer M900 is one of these devices. Acer has used Microsoft Windows operating systems for their first creations in the smartphone world.

Acer M900 is one of these phones and it has Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system. The phone supports Java content and it has Samsung processor. However WhatsApp has announced that they are no longer support this version of the application. We will give you some solutions to fix this problem below. We hope that that will work for you.

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Download & Install WhatsApp for Acer M900

Unfortunately you need Windows Phone 8.1 to install WhatsApp to your device. However Acer M900 is supporting java well and you can give a try to install java version of the application to your device. Please do these steps to install it to your device:

1-) Click here to download java version of WhatsApp to your computer. Please download the application from the first resource. If you don’t succeed at the end of the steps. Try alternative one.

2-) Transfer file to your phone.

3-) Run the java file on your phone and install the application.

4-) If the app doesn’t work on your phone, try alternative download link.

If you couldn’t succeed with the steps above, you will need to change your operating system. You will need Android 2.3.3 which will be compatible with your Acer M900 device and it’s the minimum requirement of WhatsApp for Android devices. Please click here to learn how to do it.

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