Why Whatsapp Double Tick Remains Grey?

WhatsApp double tick remains grey when you are talking with a friend? This generally happens when people don’t want others to see if he/she read messages or if your contact didn’t read your message at all. We would like to thank to our user from France for the question. We hope that this short guideline will provide enough information to understand what is going on with WhatsApp double tick.

If you would like to ask anything about this, please feel free to ask us. You can also take a look at our guide: How to Hide Blue Ticks on WhatsApp Messenger

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Why Whatsapp Double Tick Remains Grey?

There can be several reasons of grey ticks. You can check the following reasons below to understand situation

Your Friend Disabled Read Receipts

This can be one of those reasons. Ticks are already known as read receipts. If your friend disabled this feature, you will never know when he/she read your message through WhatsApp and double tick will remain grey.

You Disabled Read Receipts Accidentally

If you disabled read receipts on WhatsApp messenger, you won’t also see if other people read your messages too. The tick will remain grey and you won’t able to know when your contact read your message.

Why Whatsapp Double Tick Remains Grey?

Your Friend is Using Plane Mode Trick

In plane mode trick, your friend will able to read your messages and you won’t know it. How plane mode trick works? Let’s give you a brief information with a story:

  • You sent a message to your friend.
  • Your friend saw the notification and he/she knows you sent a message.
  • Since your friend received the message you got double grey tick.
  • Your friend doesn’t want to go online. (Or he doesn’t want you to know that he read your message.)
  • Since he didn’t open the message, the double tick is grey yet. However the message saved in WhatsApp.
  • He run the plane mode and disconnected from Internet.
  • Your friend opened WhatsApp and read your message.
  • He killed the application and closed all windows related with it.
  • He disabled the plane mode.
  • The WhatsApp double tick is still grey.

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Why Whatsapp Ticks Stay Grey

We got this question from one of our users on How to Chat Online. If WhatsApp ticks stay grey, you should figure out if it is one grey or two grey ticks.

If there are two grey ticks it can be because all things we have counted above. Your friend disabled read receipts or you did it… Or your friend is doing the plane mode trick.

If there is only one grey tick, it means:

Possibly your friend has blocked you, please see the guide: How to Understand If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

Or your friend hasn’t received the message.

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