One of the common problems about WhatsApp on iPhone and iPad devices is that it is not work with Wi-Fi at times. We are going to provide some solutions for this problem on this page. We have already given tips for fix the Wi-Fi connection problem on Android before. There are a few easy steps to get rid of this problem. Let us begin to give details to you.

Cannot Connect to Whatsapp with Wi-Fi on iPhone/iPad

You can do the following steps to fix Wi-Fi connection problem on WhatsApp:

Unplug – Replug Router

If you are not using a connection with dedicated IP, you can use this method. With this method, you will able to refresh this connection and you will get a new IP. Basically you will need to do this step by step:

  • Close WhatsApp on your iOS Device.
  • Unplug your router.
  • Wait for 2 minutes after you unplug the device.
  • Replug your router and wait for the connection.
  • Run WhatsApp on your device and check internet connection.

VPN Services for Connection Problems

You can use VPN services for such problems and there are many useful services on AppStore for that. Just go to App Store or iTunes and search for “free VPN”. You will get many results, we recommend you to use best rated free application for that.

This problem also can be fixed with waiting for sometime. Somehow Wi-Fi connection problem can be fixed by itself about 15-45 minutes later according to user reports.

Things You Should not Do

Since this problem is not related with your device or files or application, reinstalling the application won’t help you. There are several user reports that mentions they have reinstalled the application many times. It will be just a time lose for you.

Do not use proxy connections on your phone, while you connect to WhatsApp. WhatsApp officially announce that, the app doesn’t work on proxy connections.

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