WhatsApp Doesn’t Show Last Seen

If you cannot see a last seen time of a person on WhatsApp, there can be several reasons of that for both iOS and Android. We are going to mention about these reasons on here. This is not a problem nor an error of WhatsApp. This is generally about privacy settings of the application. We will mention about these settings on here, we hope it is going to help you.

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WhatsApp Doesn’t Show Last Seen! Why? How to Fix?

There can be three reasons of that you can’t see last seen of someone. You can find all those reasons below and learn how to fix these problems. You can also learn how to enable last seen for everyone on the app.

1. You have been blocked by that person

If you cannot see someone’s last seen time in your WhatsApp and if you cannot see someone’s online status for a while. That’s possible that person has blocked you. You can read our guideline to understand if someone blocked you or not. However we recommend you to take a look at other reasons below too. Blocking is the last thing you should be suspicious.

2. You have changed privacy settings of your WhatsApp.

If you are new on WhatsApp and if you have changed your privacy settings unknowingly, that can cause you to not see last seen time of people. How? If you disable your “Last Seen” section from privacy, you won’t able to see others. You can fix this problem with the steps below:

  • Run WhatsApp.
  • Tap on Settings button at the bottom right.
  • Tap on Privacy on the menu.
  • Tap on Last Seen.
  • Tap on Everyone.

Now you will able to see last seen status of people if they didn’t also disable it.

3. Your Contact Disabled Last Seen Status

This can be another reason that you don’t see your contact’s last seen time. If someone disables a last seen feature from his/her phone, they won’t able to see your last seen time too. If you have any questions regarding this content, please ask us through commenting this page or with our community or with our Q/A service.

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