If you think that WhatsApp doesn’t detect your camera but if you also didn’t check your permission on Android or iOS devices, we recommend you to check our “WhatsApp Doesn’t Have Access to Camera” guideline first. However if you are sure that it is not a permission problem but something else, we recommend you to read solutions below. This is not an error which you can face very often on your iOS and Android devices. However this problem can occur because of some reasons on your device.

WhatsApp Camera is Not Detected on Android! How to Fix?

Please follow the steps below for fixing the problem:

  • Firstly ensure that Camera Access enabled on your Android device first.
  • Ensure that, your camera is not busy with any other messenger applications on your Android device. (Like Skype, WeChat, etc.) If one of these apps running on your device, close it.
  • Close WhatsApp and check if your camera is working for any alternative messenger application like WhatsApp. Wechat, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp

If these four steps couldn’t help you we recommend you to contact WhatsApp staff for this issue since you will need a developer help for this issue.

WhatsApp Camera is not Detected on iPhone! How to Fix?

Please close WhatsApp in every steps and run it after you have done to steps for check, if Camera is working…

  • Ensure that your WhatsApp permission settings is proper for Camera Access on iPhone.
  • Please check if there is any other video chat application is working on your device. If there is any, close those applications. Then run Whats app and check if it’s working.
  • Try test your camera in any other messenger application. If it’s not working on the application, it is highly likely that you have problems with your camera device.
  • Reinstall WhatsApp.

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  1. I don’t know why but I had this problem after iOS update. Me and my gf living different cities, she even got angry me because of that and she thought I am lying. LoL. Reinstalling worked for me, thanks bunch. You are a life saver.

    • Thank you Matt. We are glad that we can help you. Well… We never claim that our solutions are working 100% performance. Solutions are changing by time and by error and by updates of OS and application. We try our best to keep our solutions up to date but sometimes it is never possible to follow all errors. All the same we feel happy whenever we manage to help someone.


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