WhatsApp Does Not Work on iPhone

You have problem with WhatsApp in your iPhone and you would like to solve the problem on your phone. You will find some solutions on here. If you want to fix the problem, you can do the tips which we have given you on this page. If you have any questions, you can always ask us through commenting this page. Let’s tell you why doesn’t WhatsApp work in your iPhone device and how to solve this problem. That will be quite easy for you.

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WhatsApp Doesn’t Work on iPhone! What to Do?

If your WhatsApp account doesn’t work on iPhone device, there can be a few reasons of that. We are going to provide these reasons for you on here and how to fix this problem. We hope that it’s going to be a solution for you.

Installing the Application from Other Resources But Not App Store

We recommend you to download applications to your phone from App Store. Otherwise you can face with malware problems and many other issues. You should uninstall the application and find the proper install WhatsApp from App Store. This will fix the problem for you.

Broken Files

Many people are facing with this problem because of some different reasons. If you have similar problems, you will need to uninstall application and get the new install from App Store. This action also known as reinstalling. For more detailed information please see: How to Reinstall WhatsApp. This will help you to understand process of re-installation.

Outdated Version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has generally suitable versions for each iOS. You will able to use the application almost every iPhone. However if your WhatsApp is outdated, that can cause some errors. We recommend you to tap on App Store in your iPhone and check updates. If you see that WhatsApp need updates. Just do it.

WhatsApp Does Not Work on iPhone

If you couldn’t solve this problem in your own, you will need to contact WhatsApp support. We have already told you how to contact WhatsApp support on How to Chat Online before.

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