WhatsApp Desktop App for Mac and PC

WhatsApp is providing good desktop messenger applications for its users on macOS and PC devices. You will need to get the application from Google Play and App Store with your phone again. It is impossible to use the application without a phone number. After you install the application to your mobile device you will able to use it on your computer. We will answer frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Desktop App on this page.

Download WhatsApp Desktop App

Whatsapp Desktop App

Have an Android Phone, Can I open Desktop App on a Mac Device?

If you have downloaded the application to your Android Phone and if you would like to run it on a macOS desktop or notebook device, you will need to scan the QR code on the app. After you scan the code, you will able to use the application on any MACs. You will need to install the application from the official website of WhatsApp if you want to make it work. Please don’t use third-party websites. We provided the official link to you above.

My Phone Doesn’t Scan QR Code on Mac Devices or Windows OS

This is a very problematic situation that appears at times. There can be several reasons for that. One of them is the light in your room. While you are scanning a QR code, there should be enough light in the room because phones can’t recognize QR codes in dark locations.

The other reason can be a broken camera or dust in the camera. To figure out that, we recommend you try scanning another QR code. If your phone can’t scan them, the problem can be because of your camera. You will need to go to a tech service to fix that problem. If your phone can’t scan QR for WhatsApp, it can be related to a temporary problem with the application server. You will need to wait a bit to fix that problem.

Downloaded WhatsApp to iOS Device, Can I Open it on Windows OS?

The answer is yes. It doesn’t matter which phone operating system you have. You can run Whatsapp on any OS as long as you can scan QR codes on your phone. You can even use it on Linux and other operating systems you use. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Can I Make Video Calls on WhatsApp Desktop App?

Yes, you can make video calls on the WhatsApp desktop app. Unlike the browser app, you can use the many features of the WhatsApp desktop app. You can also use your header set to communicate with people while you are using the desktop app. The voice quality is very good as long as you have a good connection!

My Headset Doesn’t Work on Video Calls

If your headset doesn’t work on video calls of the desktop app, you will want to check your computer settings and enable a microphone for WhatsApp. It is very easy. All you need to do is enter your microphone setup on your desktop and enable the microphone for the WhatsApp desktop app. Then you will able to use your microphone.

Voice Calls on WhatsApp Desktop App

Voice Calls are also available for the WhatsApp desktop app! You can talk to people freely on the application and you can save phone bills. As same as the video call application, you can use the headset for voice calls!

My Microphone Doesn’t Work on Voice Calls

If your microphone doesn’t work on voice calls you will need to change the settings on your device for your mic. To change the settings on your computer you will want to go settings of your microphone devices and follow similar steps that we provided above.

If you would like to meet new people through voice calls, WhatsApp is not going to be an option for you. So you will need to find another random chat application to make new friends.

How to Get an Official Support from WhatsApp

If you are facing difficulties on your device that you can’t resolve with our troubleshooting, it will be better for you to contact to official support of WhatsApp. Despite they don’t take immediate action on errors, they still do new updates regarding to bugs and problems. So your feedback is important for the application. You can contact the official support of WhatsApp through their website. Please don’t forget to select your phone device’s operating system and also the brand of your phone while you are sending a support request.

You will need to describe your problem properly to find solutions in next update of the application. This is what you should do while reporting your problem. If you have any questions regarding to WhatsApp Desktop App, please feel free to use the comment section!

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