This problem about contact is generally occurring because of user’s mistake while they are changing their settings on WhatsApp on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any other devices. We will give you the info for fixing this problem at the paragraph below. If your contacts has disappeared on WhatsApp, this can be only about application permissions. We have written a good guideline about these permissions at one of our guidelines. You can take a look at this guideline and you can understand which features you need to use and which feature you don’t need. You can set up your permissions with that guide, please click here to get information on permissions for Android and click here to learn more about permissions on iPhone and iPad. You can also comment this page if you have any questions about contacts and permissions of WhatsApp.

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Why WhatsApp Contacts Disappeared on My iPhone?

It is because you didn’t allow WhatsApp to access your contacts. Let us tell you how to fix this problem. If you are using Android, please scroll down to until you see the header for Android devices.

Do the following steps to fix disappearing problem for your contacts on WhatsApp:

Tap on Settings > Swipe down until you find WhatsApp > Tap on WhatsApp > Enable Contacts


This is how you will fix the problem if you disallow WhatsApp to reach your contacts. We don’t recommend to disable this option for a better usage experience.

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WhatsApp Contacts Disappeared on My Android Phone or Tablet

If you are getting this problem on your phone or tablet, you need to do following steps to fix this error:

Tap on Settings > Tap on Applications (or Apps) > Tap on Application Manager > Tap on WhatsApp > Enable Contacts

This is going to fix the error if your contacts disappeared on Android phones or tablets. This will help WhatsApp to reach your contacts.

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