WhatsApp Call Not Working

Are you calling your friends with your account very often and WhatsApp call not working ? You can find information on how to fix this problem and you will able to get information on how to get in touch with WhatsApp team. This problem generally occurs because of not having official release of the application, outdated application version, broken application files and bad network connection. If you think that you have the official WhatsApp, updated version and good network connection, no issues with files, then you will need to contact WhatsApp support. Let’s tell you how to fix this problem. You may face with this error on Android and iOS devices. We resolved this problem for you with the options below.

Fix It if WhatsApp Call Not Working

We are going to tell you how to fix WhatsApp calling problem on here. There are different things that may cause this error. So we recommend you to try every steps on here.

Official Version of WhatsApp

If you didn’t download official version of WhatsApp from website of WhatsApp, calling feature may not work correctly. Do these steps to get rid of unofficial version of the app:

  • Go to settings of your phone and go to application manager.
  • Tap on WhatsApp icon.
  • Tap on uninstall and please ensure that you have deleted all files of WhatsApp on your device. You can use a file manager application for that or some phones or tablets have their own file manager.
  • Go to Google Play and search for “WhatsApp”.
  • Download the official version of the app.
  • Finally check if WhatsApp Call not working on your phone yet.

Outdated Version

Sometimes we download older versions of WhatsApp to get rid of errors. If you are using an outdated application, that will cause you to get several errors. Maybe you won’t able to use some features too. Please check if your application is outdated:

Click here to learn update WhatsApp on iPhone.

Broken Files

Generally, you won’t able to use applications which have broken files. Application files may get a damage while you are updating them. This can also happen because of other application too. This is also known as file corruption. If WhatsApp call not working after an update, you can also get suspicious about the file corruption. You can’t use some features at some situations or you can’t use the application at all. If you are having this trouble, you will need to reinstall WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Call Not Working

WhatsApp Call Not Working Because of Poor Network Connection

Poor network connection will cause you to get this problem. If you think that this problem is occurring because of your connection, you will need to try alternative connection. (Also if you are using internet by GSM, try Wi-Fi. If you are using WiFi, try GSM.) If you are having trouble with poor network connection, WhatsApp video call won’t be only the problem that you faced. You will also get many other problems with WhatsApp.

Contact WhatsApp Support

If you couldn’t fix the problem with WhatsApp calling with the all solutions above, you will need to contact WhatsApp Support. This will be the best option if WhatsApp calling doesn’t work for you.

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