WhatsApp Banned My Account Without Warning

Nowadays, IM users are facing too much ban incidents on WhatsApp. We are getting too much reports that, WhatsApp banned them. Recently we also get another question about this issue and our visitor told us “WhatsApp banned my account without warning, please guide me”. Actually a tutorial is available in our pages for getting unbanned from WhatsApp. Most of our visitors trying to contact us instead of reading the content. Let’s see the question…

According to Whatsapp, I was banned from Whatsapp for violating their terms and conditions. They did not bother warning me about what term is am violating so i can be careful and not make same mistake again. I use Whatsapp for business use and had set up conference calls. Will appreciate if anyone can guide me how to open this account so i can at least login and my clients to switch to another similar platform.

Operating System:  Android
Application Name:  Whatsapp
Device Brand:  Qmobile
Title:  WhatsApp Banned My Account Without Warning

WhatsApp Banned My Account Without Warning, How to Fix It?

Thank you for the question and welcome to How to Chat Online community. If you don’t know what term you have violated, please see the information on here that what got you banned from WhatsApp. This will help you to understand what was the mistake of you. Once you figure out your mistake, you will need to send a mail to WhatsApp messenger. The contact email for this issue is: [email protected]

There is not any other guide for bypass the ban. The only thing you should/can do is writing a message to WhatsApp and appeal against your ban.

WhatsApp Banned My Account Without Warning

What if I Get a Negative Response from WhatsApp Staff?

If you get a negative response from WhatsApp, it means your ban is permanent and you can no longer use your phone number for WhatsApp again. We recommend you to have a new phone number and add your clients to your new phone then. We also recommend you to have a WhatsApp business account instead of a normal account with your new phone number.

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