What will I See on Whatsapp if Someone has Deleted Me?

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Question from the User:

What will I See on Whatsapp if Someone has Deleted Me?

Hello, I am suspicious that a friend has deleted me on WhatsApp messenger. How do I understand that he has deleted me.

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What will I See on Whatsapp if Someone has Deleted Me?


Actually you won’t see anything about that because WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t send anything or any notification when another user deletes you or blocks you. If a user even deletes you from contacts, you can still send a message and it will be very hard for you to know if you have deleted by him. However there are some easy steps to understand if you have been blocked by the user. You can take a look at our guide for blocks on How to Chat Online: How to Understand If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

You will easily understand if you have been blocked by your friend with that guide. It is highly likely that you have been deleted in his/her contact list too. However you can try call your friend to know what’s wrong with her.

What will I See on Whatsapp if Someone has Deleted Me

Is there Any Other Way to Know This?

Yes there are but we should admit that they are not the best ways to understand this. These are some good ways to understand if someone deleted you:

  • Your friend was changing his/her profile picture too often? Checking his/her profile picture can give you a clue. If you are suspicious that a contact removed you from the list and if you can’t see his/her pic, may be it happened.
  • Please check your contact’s online status while you are messaging each other.
  • Also see status updates. Only contacts can see status shares.

These are some solutions which are related with privacy settings of your contact. They are not 100 percent reliable sources to know that you have been deleted.

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