What is Read Receipt on Whatsapp?

Read receipt is a feature of WhatsApp messenger which will allow you to see status of your message. This feature uses ticks for giving you the information about the status:

  • One grey tick in read receipt: It means your friend didn’t receive your message yet.
  • Two grey tick: It means your friend receive your message but didn’t read it yet.
  • Two blue ticks: It means your friend received your message and read it.

There are also other meanings of double grey ticks we also recommend you to see those guides below:

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What is the Use of Read Receipt in WhatsApp?

This is a kind of notification which will inform you about if your friend read, receive or didn’t receive messages with tick system as we have described above.

Can You Enable or Disable Read Receipts

You can also disable this option from privacy settings. If you ever disable it, you won’t also see if your friends read your messages. You will only know that if they have received them. You can always take back those settings and enable read receipts once more.

Basically you should do the following for enable or disable read receipts: Run WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Swipe Down > Enable/Disable Read Receipts.

You can also see all recommended settings for WhatsApp iOS: Best Settings for WhatsApp iOS

Read Receipts in WhatsApp Business

Read receipts is also available for WhatsApp Business accounts too. You can do the steps above to reach read receipt settings of WhatsApp Business. However we don’t recommend this for business accounts since your customers can take it as rude or it can offend your business partners. Enabling this feature is the best option for business.

What is Read Receipt on Whatsapp

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