What Does Two Grey Ticks Mean on WhatsApp

If you see two grey ticks on WhatsApp Messenger, it means your contact has received the message and he didn’t read it yet. However if your contact has disabled “Read Receipts” on Android or iOS device, this two grey tick will always remain. You will never know if your contact read your messages. When your contact read your messages, those two grey ticks generally turn into blue ticks.

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What Does Two Grey Ticks Mean on WhatsApp

As we have told above there are two meanings of this:

  • Your contact received your message but he/she didn’t read it yet.
  • Your contact disabled receipts and grey ticks are remained on WhatsApp

If the grey tick is only one, it means your friend didn’t receive the message yet. It can be because of he/she is offline. If there is double blue tick, it means your friend received your message and already read it.

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What Does Two Grey Ticks Mean on WhatsApp

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