What does it Mean to be Online on Whatsapp?

Would you like to know what are people doing when they are online on WhatsApp? Want to know what does it mean to be online on the app? We will mention about this on this question which has been asked by our user recently. You can also ask your other questions about this issue or related with the application.

Let’s start with a few questions and answers of them.

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If Someone is Online on Whatsapp, Does it Mean They are Chatting

The answer of this question is no and yes. Yes they are probably chatting with someone but may be they are just checking some messages of someone. Hey! You are stalking someone? Stop it and relax… She is not cheating you…

So What does it Mean to be Online on Whatsapp?

Being online just being active on WhatsApp. It only means that their messenger app is running at their phone. Sometimes they can even be online while they are not active. Do you want to know why? You can check the following Q&A to know it: https://www.howtochatonline.net/chat-apps/whatsapp/whatsapp-shows-i-am-online-when-i-am-not/

Another HCO user has asked this question lately. So if you think that your friend is ignoring you with being online and not answering you, you are maybe wrong.

Does Online on Whatsapp Mean They are Talking to Someone

This question has already asked by another user of HCO. Actually they are not exactly talk to someone or they do… You will never know it. Online means that, WhatsApp is active at the individual’s phone. They maybe forgot to close it or they just entered the app for checking a few things really quick. So we recommend you to not to take online very serious on WhatsApp.

This is one of our recommended subject for this page. You can check if people can see you if they are not at their contacts: Can People See Me Online on WhatsApp if They are not in Contacts?

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