How to Use Lower Data During WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

Sometimes data usage can make troubles for you on WhatsApp. We have told you about how to use Wi-Fi connection for data usage at our past pages on iPhone. However there can be times that you need to enable mobile network at times and you will need to make calls through WhatsApp. (or need to answer calls through WhatsApp.) If you do not want to use too much data while you call someone on the app, this guideline will help you about that. You will learn how to use lower data during calls with the steps at next paragraph. However this may cause some problems while you are talking to your problems. There are also reports that, this feature is also working perfectly at times. Let’s begin our steps…

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How to Use Lower Data During WhatsApp Calls on iPhone (Step by Step with Pictures)

You will need to apply following steps to your iPhone to use lower data for calls:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger application on your iPhone device.

2-) Tap on settings from the menu of the application.

3-) Swipe down and tap on “Data and Storage Usage” on the settings menu.

4-) Swipe down again on Data and Storage Usage page until you reach the “Call Settings” section. Tap on “Low Data Usage” to enable this feature.

That’s all. You will use lower data when you call someone through WhatsApp or when you answer a call through WhatsApp.

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What Happens if You Enable Low Data Usage for WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

There are some user reports that people don’t have clean connection and clean talk when they enabled this option on their phone. The low data usage also means that lower the technology you use for phone calls on WhatsApp. There are also positive feedbacks for this feature. You can give a try to this feature before you call a friend with the app though. We recommend you to use this feature when you use mobile network for internet connection.

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