If You Uninstall Whatsapp will Contacts Know About it?

If you decided the uninstall Whatsapp from your device and if you want to know if your contacts will get a notification for this, you will find your answers on here. You will also know if it will show in your friends phone. Firstly when you uninstall a WhatsApp account, many people won’t know about this for a while. It is because they won’t get any notification or it will not show up in their phone that you uninstalled the application.

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How People Know that You Uninstalled WhatsApp

People will know that you have uninstalled the application with these ways:

  • They will send you a message and they will see that message hasn’t received.
  • You will never appear online on the application.
  • If someone makes a call to you, he/she won’t able to reach you. Your line will be busy.
  • People won’t able to send files to you.
  • When they look at your profile picture they will see that it is not updated for a while.
  • They will see that your last seen status was for a while ago.

Actually this problem will confuse to people and they will think that you have blocked them. These are same symptoms with WhatsApp block. We recommend you to check our guide to see it: How to Understand If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

So it is not the best way to uninstall WhatsApp like this. We recommend you to remove your account first, if you don’t want your friends to be offended.

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If You Uninstall Whatsapp will Contacts Know – Questions and Answers

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If I Uninstall Whatsapp will My Contacts Know

If you delete the account it will not show in your friends phone at all. They won’t be notified about this. They will figure out this, for a while later if they keep track your status on the app. Otherwise some of your contacts won’t even get it for a while. Some of them will also think that you have blocked them.

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