What is Time Limit of Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is providing many good features for us. One of these features is that unwanted messages can be removed for everyone on the app. However there is a time limit for this on the application which has been assigned by developers.

If the deadline exceeds for removing those messages, you will not able to use this feature at all.

What is Time Limit for Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp?

The time limit of delete for everyone on WhatsApp is only 1 hour. You will need to remove your message in an hour on your device after you sent it. You can also see our recent tutorial about “how to delete WhatsApp messages already sent“. When devs released this feature for the first time the deadline was only 7 minutes. Then they have improved it to 15 minutes. Now, it is 1 hour at the moment. They have made this recent time limit update in March, 2018.

How to Increase Time Limit?

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase this time limit at the moment. However it is more than an hour at the moment. It should be about 1 hour 6 minutes exactly. When you compare it with latest deadlines, this is quite a time. It is also long time to understand that you have sent a wrong message… It is also good amount of time to be regretful about a message that you have sent…

What is Time Limit of Delete for Everyone on WhatsApp

Can You Delete a Message after Time Limit?

You can’t delete any message for everyone on WhatsApp messenger 1 hour later. You can only delete that message for yourself and you can remove it from your phone. After 1 hour, individual who has received your message is going to see it.

If WhatsApp makes any change about this deadline to remove messages, we are going to update this page for you. If you have any questions regarding the time limit for delete a WhatsApp message, please let us know. You can leave your feedbacks and ask your questions through commenting this page.

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