Stickers Disappeared on WhatsApp, How to Fix?

You have added some stickers on WhatsApp and they disappeared all of sudden? Don’t worry! You will find a solution on this page and you will get your stickers back in a few minutes. It will be very easy for you to fix it if your stickers disappeared on WhatsApp.

If you are facing with this problem, there is nothing wrong with the WhatsApp but sticker application. You will need to setup a few things to make them appear on WhatsApp again. You can find our solution below. If you have any questions regarding stickers disappearing problem, you can feel free to ask us. If you can’t see sticker option on keyboard, please read the related solution for this.

Stickers Disappeared on WhatsApp, How to Fix?

  1. Close WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Go settings > Apps > Your Sticker App > Battery > Optimize battery usage > All Apps > Find your sticker app > Disable the option
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Run WhatsApp
  5. Stickers no more disappeared!

Optimizing Battery Options and Stickers

Please don’t forget to disable optimizing your sticker apps whenever you install one. When you forget to do that, you will unable to use those stickers when you run WhatsApp in your device. If you are not having this problem but it is about sending stickers at all, please see our can’t send stickers tutorial.

If you are still having the problem on your device, you can feel free to ask us with detailed information with the application name.

Stickers Disappeared on WhatsApp

Other Steps for Older Versions

If you couldn’t find steps above in your phone, you can also do the following steps if your stickers disappeared on WhatsApp…

  1. Close WhatsApp.
  2. Go to settings > Search battery > Tap battery optimization or tap battery > Disable optimization for sticker app.

We provided solution for sticker disappeared on WhatsApp problem on this page. We are going to be without for more troubleshoots and tutorials for WhatsApp messenger at incoming posts!

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