If Someone Deleted Whatsapp Can You Still Send Message Them

Someone on your contact list has deleted WhatsApp and you want to know if you can still message them? There are two different situation on here. Firstly, your friend has deleted his WhatsApp account or he/she just uninstall the application? How to Know If Someone Deleted WhatsApp Account? How can you understand if he/she just installed or deleted the whole account. Here is the answer for both iOS and Android:

  • Please search the individual’s phone number on WhatsApp. If his/her account still exists, it means your friend didn’t delete the account but uninstalled WhatsApp.
  • Check his/her profile, if you see the profile picture, it means he didn’t removed account but uninstalled WhatsApp.

You can’t send a message to a removed account but you can send a message to uninstalled WhatsApp.

Your friend may be has blocked you from WhatsApp: Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

If Someone Deleted Whatsapp Can You Still Message Them

As we have shown at the examples above, if your friend has only uninstalled application, you will able to send him/her messages but you can’t send them message if they removed account. The alternative way to understand the situation is spending a little bit cash and sending a SMS to your friend. Ask your friend if he/she removed his account.

If Someone Deleted Whatsapp Can You Still Send Message Them

Ensure That You Haven’t Blocked That By That Person

You also need to ensure that you haven’t blocked by that person. Sometimes people are confusing WhatsApp blocks with account removal or uninstalling the app. We have provided a good guideline about this, you will easily understand if you are blocked or not. See our guideline about the block: How to Understand If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

If you are not sure if you are blocked or not, you can comment on this page or connect our live support to ask questions.

Questions and Answers

You can find some common questions which has been asked by HCO users below. If you want your questions to be answered, you can also ask us via commenting this page.

Will a Whatsapp Message Still be Delivered if the Recipient has Deleted the App?

As we have mentioned above, the message will be delivered if he deletes the app. However he will need to install the application again. But recipient has removed his account, the message won’t be delivered at all.

What Happens if I delete Whatsapp and Someone Sends Me a Message?

If you haven’t removed your account permanently, you will receive the message if you ever reinstall WhatsApp. If you removed your account and if you decide to download it again, you won’t receive the message at all.


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