How to Set WhatsApp Last Seen for Contacts Only on Android

WhatsApp is one of the best way for meet with your contacts through your Android phone and call them. There is no charge at all for sending messages and calling people with this application. However there can be some privacy issues at times with WhatsApp. If you would like to give permission to people for some special stuff, you can do that on the application. Settings are quite easy on the app. We will tell you how to show your last seen status to contacts only on this page. Our tips are going to be for only Android on  this page. We have already told this for iOS devices before. See: How to Disable Last Seen in WhatsApp on iPhone

When you enabled this feature, only people in your contact list will see your the latest online time. Let’s begin to tell how to do that on an Android device.

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How to Set WhatsApp Last Seen for Contacts Only on Android

You can do the following steps for setup last seen for contacts only:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger on your Android Phone or tablet.

2-) Tap on three dot menu of WhatsApp. 

3-) Tap on “Settings” from the menu.

4-) Tap on “Account” section on settings page.

5-) Tap on “Privacy” on Account page.

6-) Tap “Last Seen” and three selections will appear on your screen. “Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody”. Select my contacts from the selections. WhatsApp is going to enable this change for you immediately.

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What will Happen if You Enable Last Seen for Your Contacts Only?

There is not anything serious about this. However you won’t able to see people’s last online time, if they are not in your contact list. People who are not in your contact list won’t also see your Last Seen status on WhatsApp. If you change your mind and if you want to enable this settings for everyone, you can also see our guideline for this.

If you have any questions, please ask us via commenting section. We will try to resolve your problems about last seen with you. One of our staff will response you as soon as possible.

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