How to See Archived Messages on Whatsapp iPhone?

We have given several guides for WhatsApp archived messages on How to Chat Online. This time we are going to tell you, how to see those messages with an iPhone device. You can follow the steps below to see archived messages on iOS devices:

  • Launch WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone device.
  • Swipe down until you reach to the bottom of the chat list.
  • You are going to see “Archived Chats” text there.
  • Tap on that.
  • Select a WhatsApp chat to see archived messages on your iPhone.

That’s all! Now you can see all archived messages.You can also take a look at our guideline which we have provided recently: How Do You View Archived Chats on Whatsapp?

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How to See Archived Messages on Whatsapp iPhone?

You will need to do all steps above to see archived messages on your device. There is not any alternative to see those messages. If you have deleted those messages, you will need to recover them through your backups. If you haven’t got any backup from conversations, you have nothing to do against it. Unfortunately, you have lost all those messages. You can also see our guide and tutorial for recovering messages on iPhone and Android: How to Recover Messages on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. You will find detailed information on recovering messages with this nice tutorial.

How to See Archived Messages on Whatsapp iPhone?

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If I Archive a WhatsApp Chat, Can I see it Again?


Yes, you will certainly see the messages and conversation again. If you archive a message on WhatsApp, you need to:

Launch WhatsApp > Swipe down on the chats list > Tap on Archived Chats > Look for archived chat that you want to see again.

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