You will find privacy settings of status feature of WhatsApp on this page. We are going to describe these settings for you and tell you how to change them on iPhone and Android devices. You can find more about status settings on How to Chat Online. You can click here to find more about this subject. Let’s tell you about privacy settings of status for both devices.

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How to Reach WhatsApp Status Privacy Settings on Android and iPhone

To go to privacy settings on iPhone you should follow these steps:

Run WhatsApp on Your iPhone > Tap on Status > Tap on Privacy

Run WhatsApp on Your Android phone or Tablet > Tap on Status > Tap on Three Dot Menu  >Tap Privacy

Privacy Settings

These privacy settings are same for both Android and iOS devices.

My Contacts: This is default privacy setting for your status updates. Everyone in your contacts will able to see your status updates on WhatsApp if you select this setting. If you don’t want everyone to see your status, we recommend you to check other two options below.

My Contacts Except: You can make some exceptions with this setting. You can share your status update with all your contacts but a few people. It is good if you don’t want a few people see your updates. Otherwise it is not very good, we recommend you to “Only Share With” option for that.

Only Share With: You will share your status updates with only one or a few people with this setting. Other people won’t able to see your updates. It is good if you don’t want most of your contacts to see your updates on WhatsApp.

You can use one of settings above for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. If you would like to have stylish fonts for your status updates, you can take a look at our guideline about that on How to Chat Online.

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