Phone Number Suspended on WhatsApp, How to Fix?

WhatsApp has banned numerous phone numbers on Android and iPhone platforms because of violation of terms recently. There are too many users who can’t use the application on their phone. One of our visitors phone number suspended on WhatsApp, he thought that he is contacting to WhatsApp though but he sent the message us. But we are going to provide him detailed information on how to fix this problem via contacting WhatsApp. We hope that it is going to help him. This is the exact question of him…


My name is Kannan, am using WhatsApp number. Today I posted lots in 1 group, now I can’t get my WhatsApp, they said my phone number suspended on WhatsApp. Now, I read terms of service of WhatsApp and I understand that well. It’s my mistake sir, I apologize for the issue and I will never do such behaviour again. I read all terms of service of the application and I am not going to do such things again in future. Please help me sir to remove ban the number from WhatsApp, Please remove the ban sir, I am always a good user of WhatsApp, I like it very much sir. Am not going to do such behaviour again. Now I read terms of service of WhatsApp and understand that well and am not going to violate it. Apologize for the issue and I will never do such behaviour again. Please help me sir, am not going to do such things again in future Give me a last chance sir, please help.

Operating System:  Apple
Application Name:  WhatsApp
Device Brand:  iPhone 5s
Title:  Phone Number Suspended on WhatsApp

How to Fix the Problem

Hello Kannan, thank you for sending the message us. We have already told you that “we are not official support and don’t send message to us about WhatsApp” but I think you haven’t read that part of our tutorial and you sent the message to us instead of WhatsApp. If you have read the content carefully, this question will be addressed to right place.

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Somehow I will try help you about the situation. You will need to do the following…

  • Go to your email.
  • Click/Tap on compose.
  • Type to recipient address.
  • Write the message to WhatsApp.
  • Send it.

Wait for response of the WhatsApp, if you get a negative response see this guide: How Long Do WhatsApp Bans Last? Is it Permanent or Temporary?

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