Can Other Person See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp?

You have sent a wrong message to someone on WhatsApp… If you would like to delete that message other people can see that you have deleted the message. If you sent that message in a group, all participants will also see that you deleted a message. Unfortunately there is not any alternative way to delete it without people knowing it at all. However if they haven’t seen the message (the blue tick doesn’t appear on the app), other people won’t able to read the message at all. All they will see will be just “This message was deleted” on the chat screen of the application. If you worry about that they can read a deleted message, no need to worry at all. There is not any way to read a deleted message yet.

We got this question from a user recently. Since the question is very simple we will also include other scenarios below.

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Can Other Person See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp?

Question: I have deleted a conversation on WhatsApp and I am not sure if other person can see that I deleted our conversation.

Answer: If you deleted a conversation, no one will able to see it at all. You can delete any conversation and message anytime you want. However as we have described above, if you delete messages for everyone, the other person will see that messages are deleted by you. We recommend you to use “delete messages for everyone” feature when you send messages accidentally only. You can always feel free to delete or clear chats when you don’t want them on your device. If you don’t know the differences of deleting and clearing messages, you can take a look at our guide about this: Difference between Clear and Delete Chats in Whatsapp

Can Other Person See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp?

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