Label Colors Updated on WhatsApp Business Beta

WhatsApp released new features for the beta version of Business application in 04.26.2018. There are two important changes which will help about user experience with this new update. According to WhatsApp, users will able to do following things with the new changes:

  • WhatsApp Business users can now select who receive their away messages on the application.
  • Labels on chat screens and messages will be displayed with the most recently added color.

Label Colors Updated on WhatsApp Business Beta

If you are using labels very often with your WhatsApp application, you will get the most recently added colors on the app. You can also change these color from label screen of the application. You can use a default color for labels and you can assign new colors to different labels.

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Another good change on WhatsApp Business is you will able to select your clients for your away messages. So if there are any client that you don’t want to send away message, you can make an exception for him/her. That certainly made this feature more handy. You will not bother your important clients with away messages now.

When These Features will Be Available in Official Release

WhatsApp generally release new features officially after a few weeks test on beta release. So you are going to get this feature very soon.

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