Is Whatsapp Online Status Accurate?

WhatsApp online status is not accurate always because of several reasons, you can check some of these reasons below:

  • It is not accurate because, WhatsApp will show your contact online while the app is working at background.
  • If contacts lock the screen while WhatsApp running, they will be online.
  • If someone running WhatsApp Web, he will be always online.

Sometimes we can’t figure out which application runs in our devices at background. WhatsApp is one of those applications. If you don’t kill the app, you will always appear online. This can be problematic at times since people will think that you are talking someone else and you ignore them. We already had a question about this from a user recently. You can check the user question and our answer on here: What does it Mean to be Online on Whatsapp?

Is Whatsapp Online Status Accurate?

We have answered the question above and told you reasons why WhatsApp is not accurate above. Let’s give more information about those.

Does WhatsApp Appear Online on Lock Screen?

If you didn’t kill the application on your device, it appears online on the lock screen as we have mentioned above. It is not enough to locking screen for going offline on the application. You will need to close the application properly and then lock the screen. Otherwise you will go on to appear online.

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Is Whatsapp Online Status Accurate?

Why Does WhatsApp Always Online on WhatsApp Web?

It is because you are always online when you open WhatsApp on your PC. The web application is running on your device. It doesn’t matter if you use it on your PC or not. While your account is active on the web app, you will always seem online.

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Whatsapp Online Status is Wrong, How to Fix it?

Unfortunately there is not a technical way to resolve this issue. You will need to fix it with manual ways. You should be careful about the following things if you don’t want appear to be online on WhatsApp:

  • Don’t forget to close the application at all from your device.
  • Please also don’t forget to kill WhatsApp messenger first before locking screen.
  • You will need to remember that you will always appear online on WhatsApp Web. If you even change tabs…

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