How to Write a WhatsApp Status on iPhone

WhatsApp status is quite new feature of the application when it is compared with other features. If you would like to write a status on iPhone and other iOS devices, you will find a guideline how to do that on this page. We will also tell you how to do that on Android phones and tablets too. We are going to tell you information about privacy of status at other pages.

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Write a Status in WhatsApp on iPhone

Let’s tell you how to write a status on WhatsApp step by step with pictures:

1-) Run WhatsApp in your iPhone device and tap on “Status” button at the bottom menu of the application.

2-) You will be in status page now. Now you will need to write a new status or you will need to select a new picture. Tap on Gallery icon to add a picture to your status or tap on pen icon to write a text to your status. Please see the picture below.

3-) You can select any image you want (If you haven’t disabled WhatsApp to access to your gallery on permissions of your iPhone). You can also text anything you want for your status.

4-) After you type a status on the text area, a blue arrow  will appear on bottom left of the status text area. Tap on that to complete your status.

All set! Now you can use status on your WhatsApp as you wish. Your status will disappear about 24 hours later on the application. You can do the same steps to make a new one on your iPhone and any other iOS devices. It is quite easy. If you ever want to update your status, you will need to follow some steps which we have told you above. However some users have reported that they have problem with updating WhatsApp. You can get more information to fix this problem on How to Chat Online guides. If you have any questions regarding writing / changing a status on WhatsApp, you can ask us through commenting this page. You can also take a look at our funny WhatsApp status list.

Questions and Answers – How to Write a WhatsApp Status on iPhone

People Cannot See My WhatsApp Status? Using iOS


I am also a WhatsApp beginner. Don’t know why but people cannot see my status on WhatsApp. I am using iOS. Can you help me about that please? Is it because of an error?


So I can understand that, you can change your WhatsApp status. If you cannot change your WhatsApp status please see:

If you can change it, there is not any problem with the app. The problem should be with your application’s settings. To go to WhatsApp Status Privacy settings, please for the following steps for iOS:

Run WhatsApp on Your iPhone > Tap on Status > Tap on Privacy> Enable My Contacts.

Please see for more information:

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