Many of us would like to use messenger apps on our phones but unfortunately some devices is not supported by WhatsApp at the moment. Especially old versions of Windows Mobile operating system is unsupported by the application. However you can change things at your phone. Many Windows Mobile devices has minimum requirements to have Android 2.3.3. Gingerbread is already minimum requirement of WhatsApp for Android phones and tablets. You can use the application on your phone and start to use WhatsApp. However you may have a trouble with some features of your device. We don’t guarantee that it won’t happen. But if you would like to text with people on your device, this will be one of the best solutions for you.

How to Change Phone Operating System to Use WhatsApp

You can follow the guideline below step by step. You will also see two videos which will guide you how to do things at your phone. You can also follow all steps from the video while you are installing the Android to your phone. Please make downloads at your computer first.

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1-) Please ensure that your phone has 200 MHz processor, 32 MB RAM and 32 MB Storage at the least. It is not recommended CPU or RAM for Android 2.3.3 but it is the minimum requirements. A processor with more than 500 MHz, a 128 MB RAM will be the best.

2-) Click here to go to XDA Developers website. You will find all sources that you will use there.

3-) Click on full bundle zip link and download it. We don’t recommend you to download system.ext2 (zip) file if you don’t have a new phone. This will update the OS. 2.3.3 will be enough for you to use WhatsApp.

4-) You will see an attached file which is called “”, please download it to your computer too.

5-) Connect your Windows Mobile phone to your computer.

6-) Please backup your phone first and then format your phone. You can format the disk of your phone on the computer. Please see the video below.

7-) Now you will need to unzip the bundle zip to your phone’s SD Card.

8-) Unzip “” to the root of the SD Card.

9-) Go to SD Card > STARTUPS > Blackstone > Copy Startup file and Paste on SD Card’s main file. Please see the video for this step.

10-) Now you are done with computer.

11-) Please see the step 2 video for the rest of steps and complete installation.

12-) Go to Play Store. Download and Install Application. If you are getting an error in installation or download, get the application from

Video Step 1

Videos at below has been taken for a HTC device, you can do the similar steps for other Windows Phones.

Video Step 2

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  1. Worked on my aged Acer WM device. Sounds are not working now. Problems at screen too. My device lightly getting hot. Whatsapp is working though. That was already what I needed. Thanks bunch.


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