If you are getting errors or if you are having strange problems with WhatsApp, may be it is time to update your WhatsApp on your device. Generally new users on Android, don’t know how to update applications like WhatsApp. You will able to do it with following our tips on here. If you are using iOS device, you can take a look at our guideline for iPhone and iPad devices. Let’s begin to mention how to update the application on Android phones and updates.

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How to Update WhatsApp on Android Phones and Tablets

You will need to follow a few steps to update WhatsApp on your Android phones and tablets:

  • Firstly close WhatsApp Messenger on your phone or tablet device. We recommend you to close every applications while you are updating an application.
  • Go to Google Play’s website or Play Store’s application for check if there is any available update.
  • Tap on Search Box on Google Play.
  • Type “WhatsApp” on search box and search it on the application / website.
  • Tap on “WhatsApp” on the search result. It is always the first in search result page of Play Store (If you search as “WhatsApp” of course).
  • Check if there is a green “Update” button on the page. If there is an update button, tap on that and your application will be updated soon.
  • All done!

This is what you need to do while you are updating WhatsApp Messenger application on your Android phone or tablet. If you have any question regarding WhatsApp updates, you can contact us through asking on comments.

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