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Using messengers with different features and with different text styles is very popular nowadays. WhatsApp Messenger is also providing many good features for their users to communicate with friends with text styles and nice features. If you would like to use strikethrough while you are texting your friends, you will find the steps on here. Actually this is very easy and you will able to do it in a few seconds. If you have any questions about stylish texting on WhatsApp, you can comment this page at the comment section below. This feature is not to be confused with underline text. It is already impossible to underline to texts on WhatsApp at the moment.

How to Strikethrough Text on WhatsApp on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

  • Run WhatsApp on your device.
  • Tap new chat icon at the bottom right. 
  • Select a friend to chat on WhatsApp.
  • Type “~” at the beginning of message.
  • Type your message. (Example: Hello)
  • Type “~” at the end of message.
  • Tap “Send“.

Done! Now your message will look like “Hello“. Now you are done. What you need to type for strikethrough text on the application is “~Hello~”.

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