How to Send Pictures on WhatsApp

You can send several file types through many messenger applications on your phone and tablet devices. You can also do that on WhatsApp Messenger. There are already several people who are using this application different countries of the world. If you also use WhatsApp and if you are new on the application, you will find information on this page about sending and sharing pictures with your friends on iOS and Android devices. It is very easy to sending pictures, however if you are facing problem while you are sending pictures, please click here to see solutions.

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How to Send Pictures to Someone on WhatsApp Android

Let us begin to tell you how to do that on Android devices.

  • Run WhatsApp Messenger application on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Open a chat or create a new chat with your friend.
  • Tap on Attachment icon.
  • A menu will appear on your screen and you will need to select a way to send picture with that menu. You can see it at the picture below.
  • To send a picture you need to select camera or gallery as we have shown at the picture above. Camera will help you to take a picture for the moment that you have. Gallery will help you to send pictures that you had on your phone.
  • Select a picture from your gallery and tap on WhatsApp green arrow button to send your friend.

How to Send Pictures to Someone on WhatsApp iPhone

  • Run WhatsApp Messenger on your iPhone.
  • Open an existing chat or create a new chat with your friend.
  • Tap on “+” button.
  • A new menu will appear on the phone screen. If you would like to send a new picture about your current situation, select camera. If you would like to send your existing photo, please tap on Photo & Video Library.
  • After you take your photo with the camera or after you choose your picture from Photo & Video Library, you will need to tap on blue arrow icon on the application to send picture.

That’s all. If you have any question regarding sending pictures on WhatsApp, please contact us.

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