How to Search WhatsApp Conversations on Android

We have given many guides for iOS version of WhatsApp recently, we are going to publish guides for Android version of the application at incoming days. If you are using an Android device and WhatsApp, we recommend you to keep watching our webiste. You will get many unique tips for using the application and you will learn more about the usage of WhatsApp. Please don’t hesitate to ask us or leave a positive or negative feedback in our comment section of this page. We are going to provide information on how to search some certain sentences or words on conversations of WhatsApp Messenger on this page. Let us begin then…

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How to Search WhatsApp Conversations on Android (Step by Step with Pictures)

You need to do following steps to make search on your Android device:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger on your Android phone or tablet.

2-) Tap on the search icon which is located top of the application. You can see the picture below.

3-) Tap on the empty search field which will appear after you tap on the icon.

4-) Type the word that you want to search on WhatsApp conversations and take a look at results below. Tap one of the results which takes your attention.

5-) You will see the search content with hovered with yellow color as we have shown in the picture below.

If it is the conversation that you are looking for, it is good but if it is not, go back to main interface of WhatsApp and make the search again with the same steps above and take a look at other results.

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You can also check our tutorials for iOS too.

Can I Search Deleted Conversations?

Unfortunately you cannot search or do anything else for deleted conversations. If you had a backup, you can recover your backup and search any content you want. Searching deleted content is not possible as same as other platforms. So you will not able to search those WhatsApp conversations if they are deleted.

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