WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger applications on Android and iOS and there are various privacy settings of the app. If you would like to save your pictures manually from WhatsApp, you will find a short guideline here to download pictures. It will be quite easy for you. When you disable auto media downloading in the application and when you want to get a media which has been sent to you, you will need these tips to get medias on your device. You can use our tips for both iOS and Android. It is same for both device.

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Save WhatsApp Medias Manually on iPhone and Android

If you would like to save some medias/pictures to your iPhone or Android device, you should do the following:

  • Run WhatsApp Messenger in your iPhone or Android device.
  • Open the chat screen which you have received the file.
  • Select to picture you want to save from WhatsApp.
  • Tap on menu in lower left corner and tap on “Save Image” button.

That’s all you need to do for saving pictures your device manually. If you are looking for information for settings for auto-saving images, you can click here to get more information about that. If you also have any question regarding saving medias to your device, you can comment this page and ask us.

Questions and Answers – How to Save WhatsApp Pictures Manually

Is it Possible to Download WhatsApp Pictures After Disable Auto Download?


Is it possible to download pictures that I want to save after disable download? If the answer is yes, how can I do that on Android?


Actually we do not recommend our users to disable auto download for pictures. Disabling mobile network and enabling wifi connection for picture auto downloads is the best for WhatsApp. We haven’t write a tutorial for this yet on How to Chat Online but we will also give the steps to you, if you want to enable auto download for WiFi connection only.

To save pictures to your device manually, you will need to do the steps below on Android:

Run WhatsApp > Open the chat that you want to save picture > Tap and hold on picture until a small black menu appears on that > Tap on Save Image on the menu.

To enable picture downloads for WiFi only:

Run WhatsApp > Tap on WhatsApp’s three dot menu WhatsApp Three Dot Menu > Tap on Settings > Tap on Data Usage > Tap “When using mobile data” > Unmark Photos > Tap Ok > Tap on “When connected on Wi-Fi” > Mark Photos > Tap Ok

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