If you are getting “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.” message on iPhone or Android devices when you run WhatsApp Messenger on your device, it means you won’t able to use the application until you remove ban from your account. You can only do that with contacting support. Reinstalling the application won’t help you in this situation since your phone number will be banned on servers. You can also try use the application at any device, it doesn’t matter until you change your phone number. If you don’t want to change your phone number, you will need to contact WhatsApp for removing ban. Let’s tell you what got you banned from WhatsApp. Check the list carefully and think what you have done on the application to get banned.

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What Got You Banned from WhatsApp

If you violate terms of service of WhatsApp, you will get banned from the application. These are some behaviours which can be reason of your ban:

  • You shouldn’t violate rights of WhatsApp, WhatsApp users and any other individuals and companies.
  • Sharing illegal content.
  • Sending viruses to people or attacking to WhatsApp with various ways.
  • Selling services of WhatsApp.
  • Sharing copyrighted content.
  • Promoting violence through the application.
  • Sharing obscene content.
  • Trying to hack to WhatsApp.
  • Sharing information or any kind of file which is including defamatory about a person.
  • Threatening people with the application.
  • Sharing copyrighted movies and videos.
  • Intimidating and harassing people.
  • Using inappropriate language against people.
  • Racist behaviors and speeches.
  • Promoting crimes and terrorism with the application.
  • Publishing misleading information/falsehoods.
  • Impersonating individuals and acting like them.
  • Collecting datas or information of people through the application.
  • Spamming with bulk messages, auto dialings to people.

How to Remove Ban from WhatsApp Messenger

If you have done something we have told you above, your account can get ban permanently from WhatsApp. You can still contact to support but don’t expect to get a positive answer from them. If you haven’t done things we have told you above, we recommend you to contact WhatsApp and try to remove your ban.

You will need to mail this address to ask them to remove your bansupport@whatsapp.com

What Should You Write in the Mail for Removing Ban

Firstly give your details about your account. Write your phone number and mention about phone model you use without giving a detailed information. Then tell them you have read “Terms of Service” of WhatsApp and you have understand that well.

If you violated one of terms of service we have told above, tell WhatsApp devs that you understand terms and you are not going to violate it. Apologize for the issue and make sure that you write “you will never do such behaviors” again. Denying what you have done won’t help you at all because they can always reach logs. That will be the worst attempt if you try to remove your ban from the app.

If you haven’t violated of any terms of WhatsApp, you need to tell that you have read all terms of service of the application but you have never violated them. Ask them to check your chat logs and tell them you haven’t done anything which are against rules with a kind language.

Questions and Answer- How to Remove Ban on WhatsApp Account

Please Remove WhatsApp Ban from My Phone Number

My name is Kannan, am using <phone number removed> WhatsApp number. Today I posted lots in 1 group, now I can’t get my WhatsApp, they said my phone number banned the number from WhatsApp. Now, I read terms of service of WhatsApp and I understand that well.

It’s my mistake sir, I apologize for the issue and I will never do such behaviour again. I read all terms of service of the application and I am not going to do such things again in future. Please help me sir to remove ban the number <phone number removed> from WhatsApp, Please remove the ban sir, I am always a good user of WhatsApp, I like it very much sir. Am not going to do such behaviour again.

Now I read terms of service of WhatsApp and understand that well and am not going to violate it. Appologize for the issue and I will never do such behaviour again. Please help me sir, am not going to do such things again in future Give me a last chance sir, please help.


We have removed your phone number because of your security and privacy. Unfortunately removing ban from WhatsApp is a little bit hard but easier than most of applications of Android. We cannot remove your ban since it is not a service which can take action on WhatsApp accounts. We generally answer questions about usage of WhatsApp on here and it is unofficial. You will need to contact to WhatsApp directly through email to fix your problem.

Please see the all guide above.

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  1. Hi I sent an email to WhatsApp they said that they can’t remove my ban and they want my account banned because I violated the rules now what can I do?

    • You have nothing to do in this situation. You can’t remove ban of WhatsApp now and they are not going to respond you if you ever apply for it again. I know this is very annoying. Proxy or VPN services won’t work at all since this issue is related with the phone number. (There are some sources that tells proxies and VPN will fix it but unfortunately no… They don’t help.) So you need a new phone number for this and a new start. Whatever you have done, you shouldn’t do it in the future. Sorry for the situation.

  2. I contacted whatsapp customer support and got this email. Is there any way to fix this? Please help me.


    We have reason to believe your account activity has violated our Terms of Service and decided to keep your account banned. We received a large number of complaints about your account and in order to protect our users’ privacy, we won’t disclose the nature of the complaints.

    Responses to this email thread won’t be read.

    • Unfortunately there is no way to fix it Steve. WhatsApp has banned your phone number in their database. So you will not able to use that phone number at all. There is only one way to fix this problem and it is changing your phone number.

  3. My name sasi, am using,phone number removed whatsapp number. Yesterday I post last in 1 group. Now I can’t get into my whatsapp. They said my phone number banned the number from WhatsApp. Now, I read terms of service of whatsapp and i understanding that well. It is my mistakes, please make my phone number unbanned please.

    • Hello Smartsasi,
      This is not official WhatsApp support. You will need to contact to WhatsApp via sending mail as we have described above.

      • My name is Manikandan. I am using phone number which is removed from whatsapp yesterday. I posted in 1 group.now I can’t get into my whatsapp account. It said my phone number banned the number from whatsapp now. I read terms of service of whatsapp and I understanding that well. It is my mistake. Please make my phone number unbanned from WhatsApp please.

    • Hello Prince,
      Only WhatsApp can resolve your ban issue. If you want to get unbanned from WhatsApp, you will need to do all steps in article. You will need to mail to support@whatsapp.com and contact with their staff about the issue. However with your current comment, you will not get any good response from them. Please provide more detailed information about ban issue. Tell them you read terms and you are not going to violate again. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect much. They are not already unban phone numbers easily.

    • Hello,
      I understand that you want to send this to WhatsApp but unfortunately, you will need to mail them. Please login to your gmail and try again to send the mail to the WhatsApp support. Besides, the information you have given here won’t help you if you ever contact to WhatsApp. We recommend you to give detailed information. I hope the best for you.


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