How to Know Who My Boyfriend Is Talking to on WhatsApp?

This is my first post on here and I am quite excited to write here. Today I would like to share something that I experienced before. I am going to tell you, how to know who my boyfriend is talking to on WhatsApp. Let’s begin! I will tell you what I have done for this step by step and with some explanations. Please don’t hurry to do all these steps and complete all tasks by time.

How to Know Who My Boyfriend Is Talking to on WhatsApp?

  • Check the chat list of your boyfriend first.
  • Note all girl names which you haven’t heard from your boyfriend.
  • Ask your boyfriend to open WhatsApp web.
  • If he refuses it aggressively and like he is hiding something, you can start to get suspicious.
  • You can also try get your boyfriend’s phone if he leaves his phone but you need to be superfast for this.
  • If you are suspicious with someone and if she is already in your contacts. Keep check her and your boyfriends online status.
  • Those people who are trying to cheat her girlfriend generally disable last seen status.
  • Ensure that if he tries to keep his phone away while typing…


First of all, we need to have a look at the chat list of our boyfriend. Mostly, conversations are deleted but you can check the conversation list with a quick glance. Ensure that you noted the names of girls that you have never heard of from your boyfriend. Of course, the shortest way to reach the chat history is directly. But often the chat history is often cleaned by most people and you will need to move really fast for this.

The investigation part can take time because you need to have the phone or you will need to glance your boyfriends phone while he is on WhatsApp. If you ever have a chance for this, don’t miss the opportunity. It was key for me to know who my boyfriend is talking to on WhatsApp.

Time to Move

Let the action start!

After you investigated that who is your boyfriend talking to on WhatsApp, you can offer your boyfriend to open WhatsApp on whatsapp web some time later. If he opens it, you will have a chance to take a look at his conversations. It will be reliable movement of him but he refuses this aggressively or if he gets nervous since you’re asking for WhatsApp Web, it is time to get suspicious…

Find Alternative Ways

If you’re not a hacker or a detective, it’s also another way to watch the moments when your boyfriend leaves his phone… You will need to get the phone before the screen lock become active. However people are use to lock the screen manually nowadays and it will make it hard for you to reach the conversations. If your boyfriend still get notifications to lock screen, this will be something though. So checking the chat list as we have mentioned above is the first option for you. So you can use your imagination for candidates who is your boyfriend talking to… If you are already suspicious with someone, you will need to check your boyfriends and the other individual’s online statuses. If their online times are very common, I believe it will be hardly a coincidence.

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Things You Should Notice

A beginner cheater use to disable his last seen on WhatsApp status always. If your boyfriend already disabled last seen status, we recommend you to worry about this. If he keeps tell you he is very with business, he was at a meeting or in a job interview on WhatsApp. This is a clichy lie of men. Don’t trust men!

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