How to Invite Someone to a WhatsApp Group via Link on iPhone

If you would like to have more friends on WhatsApp Group and if you would like to invite people through a link on your iPhone or iPad device, you will find the solution on here. We have already told how to add someone to WhatsApp Group before. If you have someone on your contacts, you can do it through WhatsApp, you won’t need an invitation link to add someone. Please ask us if you have any questions about this issue, or any other about WhatsApp via commenting this page.

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How to Invite Someone to a WhatsApp Group via Link on iPhone and iPad (Step by Step with Pictures)

You need to do following steps to invite someone via Link to a WhatsApp Group:

1-) Run WhatsApp Messenger application on your device.

2-) Open the group chat that you want to invite people via link.

3-) Tap on the group name as we have shown at the picture below.

4-) Swipe down and tap on “Invite to Group via Link” button.

5-) Tap on “Copy Link” button on the page. Ensure that you have seen green notification which is written “Link copied”.

6-) Enter a platform that you want to share link. Tap and old in the text area and tap on paste. If you share it on WhatsApp, it will look like in the picture below:

You can also share it other platforms on internet. If you have any questions related inviting people to WhatsApp group, please let us know.

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