How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen on Android

If you would like to hide your WhatsApp last seen status on your Android device, you can get steps on this page. When you disable this feature, you won’t see other last seen status too. If you are using iOS device, you can also read our guideline for disabling last seen feature on iPhone and iPad. You can follow the steps which we will show you below and you will able to disable this feature. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask with commenting this page.

How to Disable Last Seen of WhatsApp on Android

You can hide this feature from other users but that won’t make you totally invisible on WhatsApp. Your online status will be seen by others on the application. However others cannot also see online status, if you block them but we should remind you that people can easily understand if they got blocked.

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You will need to do following steps to disable last seen feature of WhatsApp with the steps below:

  • Run Whatsapp Messenger on Android device.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Account in the menu.
  • You will need to tap on Privacy next.
  • Tap on Last Seen.
  • And finally tap on “Nobody”

You can still enable last seen for everyone if you ever change your mind.

We are going to tell you other privacy settings for iOS and Android devices at incoming posts. Please keep following us to get latest news and newest informations about applications.

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