Do you want to meet girls or guys from United States of America on WhatsApp and you would like to add them to your phone? You will find a few good suggestions on here to meet these people and there will be some information on how to meet people from these countries. You can use our suggestions on here.

Find an American Girl or Guy Friend on WhatsApp with Guessing the Phone Numbers

Guessing the phone numbers of people is the hardest way to find people on WhatsApp and it may cause people to block you on their phone. That will take your time and may be you won’t even get any result with a few hours hard working on your phones. However we will tell you how to do that.

Go to Random Chat

  • USA country code is +1
  • There are many area codes for mobile numbers. You can find all list of that on
  • If you would like to meet someone from Connecticut you will need to guess a phone like this: +1203XXXX

Find American Friends with Social Networking Websites

You can meet American people with many social networking websites and applications. You can enter the following websites or download the applications for contact them. You can ask them to add WhatsApp if you have a good chat. Please do not rush to ask someone’s phone number, otherwise you won’t get it at all. You can try these ways to get friends from USA:

You can use these channels for contact to people from USA on web.




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