How to Find Friends from Albania on WhatsApp

Albania is a small country of Europe where is located Balkan region of the continent. WhatsApp is very popular in Albania and you can make friends from this country with some tips. However you should know that it will be very hard to do and we do not recommend you to talk people randomly on WhatsApp. This is generally something frowned up by people. We will also show ways to find these people with ordinary ways and after a nice talk, you will able to ask them about their phone number. You can do our tips for iPhone and Android devices.

Albanian Phone Numbers for WhatsApp

Firstly you will need Albania’s international code. There are many websites who are providing this information and also google is providing the same thing if you search it.

Albania’s phone code is: +355

This will be the first three number of the phone number. Now, you need to find phone numbers of mobile operators of Albania:

Mobile Network Company Codes: 66, 67, 68, 69

So you will need to add these kind of numbers: +35566xxxxxxx, 35567xxxxxxx, 35568xxxxxxx, 35569xxxxxxx

You will need to guess numbers for all x’s that we have told you above and that won’t be much easy for you. May be you will get nothing but may be you will find new people to talk.

You can get banned from WhatsApp for adding people randomly. So it can be risky for you.

Alternative Ways

You can also meet Albanian people with many alternative ways.

Parajsa Chat is one of those good websites to make friends from Albania. You can chat on this website through browser. You can also talk them through IRC applications on iPhone and Android. There are several online people from Albania on this chat site. Most of them don’t know English but there are also still people who would like to talk to you in Albanian language. Parajsa Chat is providing chat rooms for their users from AlbNetwork. You can meet people on this website, chat with them and ask them for the WhatsApp. We recommend you to do it after a good talking with them.


Facebook can be another good resource to find these people. However we recommend you to talk with them before adding them as a friends. Then you will also able to talk her/him through your WhatsApp account.

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  • December 4, 2017 at 1:23 am

    I am half Albanian who is living in Germany. I would like to talk with an Albanian girl on WhatsApp in Albanian language.


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