How to Disallow WhatsApp to Access Photos on iPhone

iPhone is giving different permission settings for each applications on your phone. These settings are giving you chance for optimizing applications as your wish. Generally messenger apps like WhatsApp are asking access to your photos and videos in your device. Many of us are enabling this service since we want to share our pictures to our friends and relatives through the application. However some people are thinking that it is unsecure and they disallow this feature of the application. Firstly we should tell you that allowing or disallowing photos for WhatsApp messenger won’t harm your privacy or security. We will give information about disallowing WhatsApp to access photos in this page.

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Disallow WhatsApp to Access Photos on your iPhone or iPad Devices

You will need to do following steps for disabling this feature of the application:

1-) Open your iPhone Device and tap on settings.

2-) Swipe down until you see “WhatsApp” on the settings menu.

3-) You will see the permission settings on these page. You will need to disable Photos if you do not want the application to reach your information. You can see the picture below.

What Happens If You Disallow WhatsApp to Access to Your Photos?

Photos are also gallery of iOS devices. When you disallow WhatsApp to access it on your phone or tablet, you won’t able to share anything which is located on your Photos. These can be your pictures, videos, etc. However you can still record videos and take pictures through WhatsApp Messenger. If you are using Android device, you can click here to see our guideline for Android phones and tablets.

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