Messenger applications which provides audio chat service are asking access to microphone on your iOS phones and tablets. If you are new on WhatsApp and if you would like to disallow this app to access your mic, you will find a good tutorial here for iPhone. If you are using Android phone or tablet, please click here to get information for your device. There are a few steps to disable your microphone on the app, so it won’t be very hard to do it for you. You can find the steps below with picture guideline.

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Disable Microphone on WhatsApp iPhone and iPad

1-) Tap on settings on your device.

2-) Swipe down on the settings menu and find WhatsApp application. Tap on that.

3-) You will see all permissions on the list. Just disable microphone on the menu like we have shown at the picture below.

Now you won’t able to use your microphone on your WhatsApp account. You can see the below for what features you cannot use when you disable microphone.

What Features You Cannot Use When You Disable Mic on WhatsApp iOS

You won’t able to use these features when you disable microphone:

  • You won’t able to call your friends through WhatsApp since it is a feature based on audio.
  • You won’t able to video call your friends.
  • You cannot record audio and send audio messages through the application.
  • You cannot record videos with voice.

We don’t recommend disabling the microphone feature if you use WhatsApp for personal needs.



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