As we have mentioned in the past notifications can be quite annoying at times. Especially we want to get rid of them at important moments but we still want to have them. Disabling sounds of notifications are going to help you if you don’t want them to disturb you. WhatsApp is one of the most important messengers of App Store at the moment and many users from different countries are using this messenger app. Those who are using this application may have problems with the sounds of the application. You will find the information below on how to stop these sounds.

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How to Stop WhatsApp Notification Sounds on iPhone and iPad

You can do the following steps to disable notification sounds of WhatsApp on iOS devices:

1-) Go to Settings of your phone.

2-) Swipe down and find the application from the list and tap on WhatsApp.

3-) Tap on Notifications.

4-) Disable Sounds.


Settings > WhatsApp > Notification > Disable Sounds

You can see the picture below for the settings…

This is all you need to do. We recommend you to not to play with other settings if you still want to get notifications but do not want to hear sounds and ensure that “Allow Notifications” section is enabled.

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