How to Disable WhatsApp Notification Alerts on iPhone

Some features of the applications can be very annoying for users. Especially some features which are requiring actions can cause many troubles. WhatsApp has a feature like that and we got several questions about how to disabling this feature of the application. Notification alerts of WhatsApp is generally requires an action from users and people are accidentally enabling this feature of the application on their phone. We will tell you how to disable WhatsApp notification alerts on your iPhone and iPad on this page, if you have any questions regarding Android or iOS WhatsApp features, you can ask us with Q&A service. You can go to our Q&A service with clicking on the button from the menu.

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How to Disable WhatsApp Notification Alerts on iPhone and iPad (Step by Step with Pictures)

1-) Please run WhatsApp application on your iPhone device or iPad device. If you think that steps are different from your phone, you can let us know with commenting this page.

2-) Please tap on “Settings” on the application. The cog icon at the bottom menu. You will also see “Settings” text at the below of icon.

3-) Tap on “Notifications” on the settings page. Swipe down to see “Notifications” button.

4-) Swipe down a little bit and tap on “In-app Notifications”.

5-) You will see three options at the settings of WhatsApp. None, Banners, Alerts. Please select “None” or “Banners”. We recommend “Banners” for this option. If you also displeased with banners, you can change it to None with the similar steps above.

Now, you are done. You have changed your settings and those WhatsApp alerts which requires action will not show up on your iPhone again. If you select none at fifth step, you are not going to get any alerts to your phone. If you select banners, you will get an alert at the top of your screen. However this won’t require any action, besides it will help you for instant answers when you tap on the banner.

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