If you would like to disable all auto save options for WhatsApp messenger on iPhone, you will find a step by step guide here with pictures. You will generally need this option if your friends sharing too much videos and pictures. You will still able to save any image you want manually if you want. You can click here to learn how to save media files manually on WhatsApp iPhone. Let’s tell you how to disabling auto saving for every chat platforms on WhatsApp.

If you would like to disable auto saving for groups only please see: How to Disable Auto Media Save of WhatsApp Group on iPhone

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How to Disable Auto Save on WhatsApp iPhone (Step by Step with Pictures)

You will need to do following steps to disable auto save from all chats from WhatsApp on iPhone device:

1-) Run WhatsApp on your iPhone device.


2-) Tap on Settings on the menu which is located bottom of the app screen.

3-) Tap on Chats on Settings page.

4-) Disable “Save to Camera Roll” section.

When you disable “Save to Camera Roll” section, you are done. Now you have stopped all auto saves on your iPhone device. You won’t download any picture or video until you download it manually.

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