How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History Backup

We are using messengers on our phone devices very often for our relationships, business etc. We can share some special informations while we are talking with people on these messengers and maybe we can share some secrets about our business. WhatsApp is probably the best and the most used messenger of the world at the moment. Sometimes people would like to delete backup files from the application because of reasons we have mentioned above. Saving messages and backup them gives that trouble to us but we are going to give you some tips for removing these backups from your device permanently.

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How to Delete WhatsApp Chat History Backup on Android

Some Android devices have their own file manager. If your device hasn’t got any file manager application, you will need to obtain one of these applications on your device. We recommend File Manager app by Flashlight + Clock for Android.  You cannot edit, delete, move, read your backup files without a file manager which can reach your internal storage. That’s why we need to install these apps to our device. Then you can do the following:

1-) Run File Manager application and tap on Internal Storage.

2-) Swipe Down until you see the WhatsApp folder on your storage and tap on then tap on the folder.

3-) Tap on Databases Folder

4-) Delete all files on this section.

Delete Chat Backups on iPhone

We recommend File Manager by TapMedia for iOS. You can delete files easily on your iPhone with this app. To delete chat backups on your iPhone, please do the following:

1-) Run File Manager application on your iPhone or iPad.

2-) Tap on Local Files and then tap on WhatsApp folder.

3-) Tap on Databases folder.

4-) Clear all files on Databases Folder.

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